Dancers patio party

This is an all styles partner dancing event. Focusing on bringing more dancing in Tulsa to the forefront and providing a great dance party for all of the people who are looking for dancing in Tulsa!

Location: New era: fine fermentations 321 s Frankfort Tulsa, ok 74120

Date: 10/18/19

Time: 9 pm – 1 am

Cover: Free (if you are not planning on drinking please bring $5 to say thank you to the bar for having us)

Music: Social partner dancing music (east coast swing, west coast swing, bachata, kizumba, zouk, salsa, tango and more)

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Hosted by dj ECOG: Now at new era the goal of this event is to bring all dancers of all styles getting together and being able to share their dance style and hopefully encourage new dancers to find places to take classes (link provided below).

So come grab a drink or food (menu here) and meet other dancers from other backgrounds, dances scenes, and styles. I would love to see you guys out dancing and check out my page on how to find other dance classes around our city.

Click the link below to find more:

  • places to dance
  • places to take classes