Dancers Rooftop Party August Edition

Dancers Rooftop Party August Edition

Dancers Rooftop Party
all styles dance event

Hello all my fellow dancers! And welcome to Augusts dancers event!  I can’t wait to dance with you guys this month! This is an all styles dancers event making moves to bring partner dancing back to Tulsa’s public scene.

So  I have 3 goals with this event.

  1. Build the various dance communities in Tulsa.
  2. Create A place for dancers to get together and try a new dance
  3. Provide A place for new dancer to get plugged in to A community.

There are many dances featured in this event. Just to name A few salsa, bachata, Lindy hop, west coast, tango, hip hop, break dancing,  and blues. If you’ve never danced before and you want to just come watch be my guest. But I encourage you to try A style and just get the basics. you will be surprised how easy it is to get addicted to even one of these dances.

I will be posting places to dance and take lessons on the Facebook event page so go like it and stay up on places to dance in Tulsa. I look forward to meeting you and if possible dancing with you out on the rooftop on the 17th.

To find all the dancers and dance styles on Facebook. click here